Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!

As a farewell to 2011, and because my friends are always teasing me about how many pictures I take, I decided to do a photo summary of 2011. Only, I made myself choose just ONE photo to represent each month. Well, except for September and October, but that's only because of the Honeymoon.  2011 was a great year, with a lot of ups and a few downs. I had a lot of firsts - eating at Ruth Chris Steakhouse, going to a professional baseball game (The Nationals), going to a car show, taking dancing lessons, going to the Musuem of American History and the Museum of Crime & Punishment. My Dad turned 60. I found out I probably have IBS. I got married and went on my dream vacation: a Mediterranean Cruise with Adam. Tippy passed away in October. I started the Day Zero Project. I got a raise.We got our first ever new car.

And I think I've decided I want to start taking classes to get my Paralegal Certification.

At any rate. It's been a busy and amazing year. I'm sad to see it go because I had some really incredible times this past year, it's been the best one yet. On the other hand... I can't wait to see what 2012 will bring. Will it be even better? Or are we headed straight for the [zombie] apocalypse? Guess we'll just have to live it and find out! =)


Pajama Party for New Years!

Another Valentine's Day?... What a DRAG!

Our annual trip to the Cherry Blossom Festival

Up at 4am to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton get Married!

Visited Tybee Island, GA for their Annual Beach Bum Parade (i.e. Giant, town-wide water fight)

My Amazing Bridal Shower (with Ranch Fountain!)

First time at a Professional Baseball Game... the Nationals vs.... Someone.

Demolition Derby at the Fair and Fried Oreos! Nom nom nom.

Got Married - 9/24/2011
Honeymoon Cruise on the Mediterranean!
Still Honeymooning!

Archer & Lana for Halloween

My First Time Throwing a "Leftovers Friendsgiving"


Now that's what I call getting into the Holiday Spirit!

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