Friday, July 6, 2012

#97 New Restaurants: Shangri-La

This was my first time EVER eating Indian food. And what a way to be introduced.  I happened upon a Groupon that Chef Hubby and I used, gotta love Groupon, and we were not at all disappointed. Shangri-la might not look like much on the outside, but the food was fantastic and the prices were much better than Bethesda's normal.

They had a special where you order two platters for the price of 1 1/2... and you get SO much food. It's like a little culinary tour through India or Nepal.

Hm. For some reason the photo is coming out sideways. TURN YOUR HEAD AND SEE THE DELICIOUSNESS!!!!

I got to try several appetizers, main dishes and sides.  The Chicken Tikka Marsala was OMG NOM. One of my new favorite foods. Determined to get a good recipe for it and make it at home. There was also a rice pudding dessert.

Chef Hubby got a vegetarian platter of food from Nepal. Also delicious judging from the nom sounds he was making and the thumbs up. OMG SO MUCH FOOD.

Highly recommend.

I like Indian food. Who knew.

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