Tuesday, July 3, 2012

#23 Visit My Grandmother's Grave

On my grandmother's birthday, April 1, my brother and I went out to visit her grave.

My grandmother passed when she was only 70 years old, a cancer victim. She was light and life and fun, she gave herself the nickname "Twinkle Toes" and she wore more fancy dresses in a year then I have in my entire life.  We grew up only 5 minutes away from her, so I was lucky enough to have her presence in a lot of my life, although I didn't always appreciate that luck.

One of my biggest regrets is that I didn't go visit her in the hospital before she took a turn for the worse. We all thought she was going to get better, and I was wrapped up in my own life - swimteam, being in the school show, church youth group, chamber sings and AP classes my junior year - and I thought there would be more time. So much more time.

I miss her and think about her often. Visiting her grave and telling her that I got married this year was hard. I was glad to have my little (ie. younger because the dude is over 6 feet tall) brother with me to cry on.

When we left, the chorus to the song "I'm Glad You Came" was playing on the radio. A little creepy? Maybe. But even so, I like to think that perhaps she knew we were there, and that she was glad we came.

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