Sunday, June 24, 2012

#97 New Restaurants: Cesco Osteria

Holy noms!

I love this place.  It's got good food, great atmosphere, and is actually worth dressing up to go to, even the bar. Perhaps especially the bar.  At first I thought I would be sad that McCormick and Schmick's was gone, they had such a good happy hour, but I'm SO happy that there's finally a restaurant with an upscale bar in Bethesda! So many of them seem to be downsliding.

The food is fantastic. Good gourmet Italian. Everything is fresh made, even the pasta, which makes such a huge difference. The price point is about the same as other Bethesda restaurants.  And it's friendly. I've seen both the owner and the chef walking around, introducing themselves to people and asking how their experience has been. So not only do you get the feeling of a classy joint, you get the feeling of a friendly place that cares.

My ridiculously yummy steak dinner:

In the bar you can get Happy Hour, prices are a little higher than other places in Bethesda, but this is a good thing.  Keeps out the riff raff for one ;) LOL. By which I mean, most of the people at the bar are dressed up, some came straight from work but a lot seem to have gone home and dressed up a little before going out. Isn't that awesome?

The food selection is huge and they bring out some pretty darn large portions, so that you don't mind the slightly higher food prices than usual for happy hour. See the giant calzone below. NOM.

If you stick around till 8pm or so then the live music starts.  And people dance. They don't bump and grind, they don't wiggle their hips - they DANCE.

God I love this place.

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