Saturday, April 14, 2012

#73 Attend a Live Comedy Show

I really lucked out for particular Day Zero Goal.  My friend Dru won free tickets for our group of friends to Baltimore's Comedy Factory... sure there's a two drink minimum, and the tickets were only $17, but I'll still take a free ticket over a $17 ticket any day!  Although it would have been worth the money, just FYI.

We had to get to the venue early to receive our free admission, but that turned out to work out in our favor because it's a seat yourself venue and we had a pretty big group.
We sat at those two long tables on the right hand side of the picture, right next to the stage. Because it's easiest to get made fun of if you're right next to the stage. =) The first performer, whom I'm guessing is a Comedy Factory mainstay / emcee kind of guy, had a couple conversations with us, mostly because when he asked who in the audience is married my husband and I were the only ones willing to raise our hands (although there were other married couples in the room).

The warm-up act, Alabama, had a fantastic time mocking one of our guys for his "Justin Timberlake" hat, and he particularly enjoyed another one of my friend's fantastically loud and expressive laugh.  She made a good counterpoint for another patron's laughter who was sitting opposite from us on the other side of the stage.
Alabama had us rolling. He spent most of his time interacting with the audience and kind of making things up as he went along, although he had a few observations / things to say that were obviously pre-planned - and absolutely hilarious.  While talking politics he mentioned President Obama and started talking about how cool and hip and good-looking Obama was when he was first elected. Then, Alabama went on to say, "I saw him on TV yesterday and I thought it was Morgan Freeman up there!"

Much hilarity ensued.

I was actually rather disappointed to realize that he wasn't the main act... that is until the main act got up there and started. Tony Woods was an absolute riot.
He had hilarious jokes, witty observations, and a fantastic feel for the audience. There was some interaction with the audience... he stuck with his spiel but had absolutely no trouble at all side-lining and changing things up in order to accommodate what was happening in the room. Granted, I was a few drinks in at this point, but I was also crying I was laughing so hard at some parts of his routine. His description of a bison - "I know what a bison is, it's a cow with an afro!" and his subsequent demonstration of how eating bison meat makes you feel, had us rolling.

I really hate going into Baltimore. I avoid it as much as possible. It's a bit of a drive, in addition to the fact that I find the streets hard to navigate. But it was well worth it for this. Comedy clubs are now high up on my list of things that are a lot of fun to do!

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