Thursday, April 12, 2012

#72: Attend a professional live theater performance of a show I've never seen

This is not a show I was ever interested in seeing, to be perfectly honest. My husband has seen it and it's not one he was ever interested in seeing again. Both of us had an incredible time watching Olney Theater's production of it.

The show was fun, funny, nostalgic and heart-touching. It was like reading the comic strips all over again. Every scene was just another little comic strip vignette... was there a plot? I'm not sure. Obviously Charlie Brown was searching for something, a little light in his life, a little direction for himself, and I'm not sure if he ever found it, but I really enjoyed watching him and his friends just live out their daily lives.

The stage was a little sparse at times, but the acting was fantastic and the props, costumes and set all contributed to the comic-strip feel. My husband really enjoyed the production because this production made little modern day tweaks to the script which brought some of the most surprisingly and delightful moments to the stage - such as Snoopy and Sally's rabbit hunt where they suddenly broke out in Beyonce midway through.

I was also delighted to walk in and see someone I knew onstage... the incredibly talented Vishal as Shroeder, rocking out with amazing vocals as usual - and also fantastically obsessive about Beethoven.

My number one favorite character, however, was Sally. That is a ridiculously amazing part. And the actress was fantastic, great comedic timing and her squeaky yet growly voice cracked me up.
all in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable show, a great date night, and it made me want to get out and see more theater more often, especially at Olney where all the seats are close to the stage!

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  1. I'm so glad you guys enjoyed the show! I can't wait to hear your reaction to THE 39 STEPS!