Tuesday, January 31, 2012

#5 - One Hundred Consecutive Stomach Crunches

Abs of steel!

Not quite. Unfortunately stomach crunches can only do so much, because if there's a layer of fat on top of them then you still can't see the awesome six pack that may be residing underneath. Which is why cardio is just as important as building muscle.

Still, I've been wanting to get better at stomach and arm exercises, which is why I chose to make a goal for crunches and push-ups. I'm still working on the push-ups, in part because they weren't a part of my original work out routine. I've been doing sets of 30 crunches - on my back, on my side and bicycle style - as part of my regular routine for awhile. It makes my stomach feel pretty good, but I always got plenty of rest in between each set.

The very first time I attempted to do 100 in a row I made it all the way to 74. At first I thought perhaps my goal of 100 was too low... maybe I should attempt a higher number... but then I started slacking at the gym and I wasn't going as often, so it took me much longer than I thought it would to hit my goal of one hundred.

There is nothing more frustrasting than reaching 91 stomach crunches and having to give up because your abs are cramping. Only 9 to go! Ridiculous.

I didn't try to do 100 in a row every day. Mostly I concentrated on doing my normal 30 at a time, but I started doing more sets. This helped work out my stomach to a point where I could do 100 without stopping.

The push-ups are proving to be even more of a challenge, but I have hope! I've already done 15 in a row.

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