Thursday, February 7, 2013

#33 Friend Recommended: Soulless

I had two friends recommend this book to me actually... one when I first asked for recommendations and one when she heard that I was getting into reading Steampunk literature. Can I just say, I love these books. There's a little bit of romance with a seriously alpha male, a little bit of vampires with a twist, a little bit of were animals and a lot of fun. 

Strong female characters are always a penchant of mine and Alexia Tarabotti was everything I could hope for. No nonsense, even when faced with an angry supernatural, plenty of good logic and yet surprisingly emotional at times.  I loved the take on the vampires and were creatures in these books, just different enough from the usual lore to make it fun for someone who's read a lot about vampires and werewolves.  I especially loved the little bits of mystery, the adventure and the personal relationships. I immediately bought all the rest of the books and I keep looking for new ones.

Lovely, in every sense of the word! And four a book called Soulless, it's got quite a bit of heart (and soul).


  1. You seem to be like me, in that you enjoy reading and if i may suggest a book to you it would be: Phantom by Susan Kay. I cannot stress enough how well research and written it is. I am NOT a fan of The Phantom Of The Opera genre, and this book was forced upon me by several people who insisted that i read it. It was only after i had read everything that was available to me that i begrudgingly did just that. This book was one of the easiest reads and a real page turner. Just a few pages in and i was hooked, hopelessly. this book covered every aspect of the man, the myth, and the legend from cradle to the grave, and a little extra from before and after. if you haven't read this book already, i strongly recommend it! I think you will enjoy it thoroughly and want to share it with the rest of the world i and so many others have.

    1. begrudgingly- I used the wrong word, what i meant is i did so with great resistance, frustration and annoyance. like i had a grudge against a spreading trend that this book had become.